What Clients Want

In the movie “What Women Want”, the protagonist is suddenly able to hear the thoughts of women. As he eavesdrops on their thoughts, he begins to develop an understanding of their take on things, and builds meaningful relationships with this “other species”.

Translators and interpreters working with direct clients, or wishing to do so, also need the ability to understand the viewpoint from the “other side of the desk”, in order to deliver on what their clients expect and build long-lasting business relationships. In this discussion with two premium clients, we get a chance to eavesdrop on what really matters to them, the traits they value most in a business partner - and those that turn them off. What is it that clients want?

We are pleased that Elisabeth Winter, Head of Group Corporate Communications at DVB Bank SE, and Jean-Marc Dalla-Zuanna, Head of Quality Assurance and Supplier Management at Volkswagen AG, have agreed to join us for what is bound to be an interesting and insightful round table. The discussion will be moderated by Ralf Lemster, Managing Partner of Ralf Lemster Financial Translations GmbH and co-organiser of Translation Days by the Sea – all attendees are of course welcome to ask questions and participate.


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