About the presenter

A French- and Italian-to-English translator (and former chocolate-shop owner), Marian Dougan began translating in the 1980s and has been translating full time since 2000. She is currently working as an in-house translator and editor at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. She also worked as Social Affairs Officer for 15 years at the British Embassy in Rome.

Marian’s specialist translation subjects are economy and finance; energy, competition and social policy; and international affairs. In September 2014 Marian obtained User Experience Certification, with specialisation in Web Design, from the Nielsen Norman Group.

A firm believer in educational outreach, Marian teaches a Masterclass in Translating for the Web at Glasgow and Stirling Universities and gives talks on language learning to local schools. She is Convenor and Deputy Webmaster for Scotnet, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting’s Scottish network.