Translation Days by the Sea

Translation Days by the Sea is an international conference for established translators that offers more than just plain vanilla. It will be held from 22–24 April 2016 at Schlossgut Gross Schwansee, a beautiful country house hotel set in a manor by the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany.

With a focus on professional education, valuable networking, and plenty of pure enjoyment, this is not your average conference, where the goal seems to be to attend as many talks as possible in as little time as possible. Translation Days by the Sea gives priority to quality, not to quantity.

Participants in the event can look forward to intensive workshops on topics of real-life relevance, but also to interesting talks on non-standard questions that will provide food for thought. The programme sets a gentle pace for the conference, with lots of time for chats with colleagues – in the grounds surrounding the manor, at the beach or over a good meal.

Translation Days by the Sea is a non-profit conference. The number of participants is limited to 40.


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